Unleashing Your Potential: Stretching Yourself with Discomfort to Propel Business Growth

Is your instinct to avoid discomfort and remain in your comfort zone damaging your business?   We live in interesting times.   The aftermath of Covid has left us with an even greater aversion to trying new things.   Even what was considered a ‘normal’ life situation has become more stressful,    The ‘cost of living crisis’ is making bringing leads more challenging.  Leaps in technology with AI can feel scary if you don’t understand how to use them in your business.   Not to sound doom and gloom, but it is harder not to let the worries and stress get the better of you.   It has never been more important to jump outside our comfort zones and try new approaches.

What I have noticed more and more is that my comfort zone has changed from what it was pre-covid.  My ability for trying new things and taking risks has shrunk.   This realisation has made me start to look at how to shake myself out of my comfort zone.     

We need to embrace our vulnerability and embrace Discomfort.

Yes, I know this sounds like the standard self-help stuff.    Can you honestly say you would not benefit from jumping outside your comfort zone?  One great speaker on this subject is Brené Brown her Ted Talk on the ‘Power of Vulnerability’ is well worth a watch.  

The power of vulnerability | Brené Brown

The idea that getting out of our comfort zone is also a muscle that has to be flexed is an interesting idea here that Margie Well explains.

Covid meant that many of us let those muscles wither, we were encouraged to ‘stay safe’ which was the right message for that time. Even in pre-covid times, we would avoid risks and situations that were outside our comfort zone.  But with the almost post-traumatic shadow of post covid life, we need to take action to kick ourselves back into gear. 

Challenge Your Assumptions 

It is easy to dismiss something you have not tried particularly if you don’t want to do it.   The important factor is to be sure that you are dismissing it for the right reasons.  There is always the danger your competition won’t be held back by the same fear and you will be left behind.

So if you are struggling with leads, try new strategies to create that short and snappy sales video. 

Visit those networking events and put yourself out there again.  

If you are scared that AI could replace your business, look at ways that it could actually save you time and use it yourself.

The important factor is to go into it with all your energy.  You don’t want to self-sabotage just so you don’t have to do it again.

Learn from Failure 

Sometimes it won’t work.   Not every new idea is right for you.  Don’t let that stop you from doing something new.   When you push yourself beyond your comfort zone, you may encounter setbacks or make mistakes. Reframing these setbacks as learning experiences allows you to extract valuable lessons and refine your approach. By embracing failure, you cultivate resilience, adaptability, and a growth mindset, which are crucial traits for long-term success.

Listen to How to deal with failure and bad situations. Excerpt from the Jocko Podcast

As an entrepreneur, your personal growth and the growth of your business are intertwined.   You are the energy that started your business from nothing.   It is easy to let that energy drop over time.  By incorporating Discomfort into your mindset and approach, you open the door to new possibilities, insights, and opportunities.    I know stepping out of my comfort zone is sometimes painful, but allowing fear to stop you from doing something only leaves you with regrets. 

Embracing change is bringing me back to the person I was post-covid and I hope these thoughts might make you feel the same.

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