Nottingham WordPress experts

After being a web designer for over 16 years one of the biggest challenges has definitely been running my own business as Line and Form. Working directly with my clients, has allowed me to share that experience to give each business a true sense of ownership of their own website.   I believe passionately that the web and social media can help you build stronger ties and relationships with your current and potential customers and clients.   I will continue to ensure that Line and Form evolve its services to keep that power in the hands of my clients while giving them the level of professional support they have come to expect from Line and Form.

Making your websites a part of your business

At Line and form we believe strongly that a website should be in the hands of each business.   Gone are the days that a website could be ignored for over 12 months.   With training and support you and your staff will be editing content with confidence.    We give you as much support as you require, ensuring your website supports your business on a daily basis, not just as an afterthought.  We specialise in creating easy to use WordPress powered websites with custom designs to match your brand and marketing needs.   We also have experience in many other CMS systems including Joomla and Drupal.

Quality support and advice

While it is important that you feel confident whether updating your website or chatting on social media Line and Form will be there to support and offer any extra training.   We won’t leave you stranded with a website you can’t edit.

We can help!  Let’s start our journey together.

Integrating social media into a weekly or daily routine

With advice and training, we can help integrate social media into your business.   With these powerful channels of communication at your fingertips you can reach a larger audience than ever before.   

We practice what we preach, with weekly blog posts and regular activity on Social Media.  With today’s digital technology, it has never been easier to run an open and accessible business.

Keeping ahead of new trends

As technology changes, we will be on hand to ensure you choose the right tools for your business.   Whether it is how to use ChatGPT to create your content or the latest Google SEO changes. While it is important that you keep up with a fast-paced changing marketplace, not every new trend is right for every business or its customers.  We will help you work out which trends are key for you.

Content strategy and ethical SEO

With all the changes from Google recently, few are unaware how bad SEO practices and dodgy link building campaigns can send you ranking down the drain.  At Line and Form we will work with you to ensure you have a strong content strategy in place,  with ethical SEO practices that will not backfire on your website ranking.